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About Me

My name is David M. Stock, I teach the fundamental strategies that create lasting sustainable change and improvement in the lives of people who are committed to learn and apply them in their lives.

Have you noticed, how when anyone attempts to change or improve anything in their lives from dieting to any number of addictive behaviors, that only a few people succeed, while the majority are left feeling frustrated, depressed or stricken with anxiety or depressed sitting back where they started?

This only happens because 95% of the population is unaware of the fact that we as humans live 95% of our lives in a subconscious trance, hypnotized by routine, comfort, fear and survival.

I have spent the past 17 years of my sobriety teaching scientifically proven strategies, of which, I have studied and used to conquer a 10 year addiction to crack cocaine, save my home days from foreclosure, meet my beautiful wife and create the blessed life we live with our two wonderful children.

My experience is useful when teaching and consulting individuals through the process of developing these life changing strategies, of which, create lasting sustainable change and improvement in their lives.

My Story

Book I

I am also here for you, the self-studier. If you have any questions about goals, personal development, habits, the power of thought, emotional maturity, understanding subconscious mind function; or if you're going through a transition in life that you are struggling with, desire more understanding of yourself, your feelings emotions and your thoughts, please feel free to contact me. Let us find out what we can do together to get things moving in the direction of your choosing. 

Within a short period of time of working together, a whole lot of commitment and effort, you begin to create happiness, feel guided and hopeful; you begin to see measurable results in your progress, inspiration and achievements. Your awareness and understanding increases; you discover direction and purpose through understanding your unique gifts, skills, talents and abilities, and how your incredible mind functions. 

Call or email me so we can discover how we can get you moving towards what it is that you really want.

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