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Purpose can be elusive

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Change your life one choice at a time; raise your awareness.

What is my purpose? A question we hope never reaches, what was my purpose? Unfortunately this is a question that we only ask ourselves once we reach a certain level of awareness. This awareness occurs when our life has reached a point where we are questioning the status quo. Something awakens inside of us, an outside experience perhaps pushes our thinking to a new level, usually it’s more personal of an experience that gives birth to a new level of thinking. Either way we begin to feel that there is more to this life than paying bills, pointing fingers and entertainment. When your awareness rises to this point, you realize, the secrets you’ve desired to know have always been within you. Sure there are those out there who appear to have an advantage over others, but we eventually come to a point where our circumstances are no longer binding. We are no longer children, we have a choice either grow or deteriorate. Instead of looking to those whom appear to be at an advantage with resentment, lets look at what they are, or how they, or in many cases previous generations have built what they have. Every successful person followed their calling or dream. They followed their calling through fear and failure alike, regardless of the obstacles they faced. A calling or internal desire cried for expression, they combined that calling with faith and inspired action in persistent effort which led to what appears to be success for them. Let's learn what it is inside us that is wanting expression. This shift in our awareness is the roots of our gift sprouting, yearning for nurturing. We all have a purpose and when it calls be fearless and follow it. Some of us never feed it instead we suppress it when it comes, every time it comes and fall into depression and dis-ease. Until now there was nobody at fault for what our experience had been because before now, we were unaware we wanted more. It is at this point where the responsibility is now ours and ours alone to begin moving forward. We are meant to grow, each of us has a unique seed that we are meant to nurture and grow into expression. Our planet is falling apart due to the lack of confidence in our collective to understand that we all have a duty, to express ourselves through the gifts we are born with, both on a personal level and on the collective level. If we grew the confidence to follow our dreams and desires, and the calling to better our world so the future could build upon it, just imagine what the future could be. -David M.Stock

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Unknown member
Nov 11, 2018

You are very welcome.


Truly amazing, Dave!! I look forward to reading your new material! You're so inspiring and I'm so grateful to have you as my friend. I also like to call you my mentor since you've given me such helpful advice. Thank you!

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