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Of the many "Laws of the Universe" There are 8 which are of use in the pursuit of goal creation.

There are so many faux Laws out today which is the reason for my second book. I feel we truly only need to understand these eight Laws to grasp and understand the transmutation of thought energy into their physical results or manifestation.

These are the Laws of:

1) Energy Transmutation- nothing can be created nor destroyed, energy is in a constant state of motion, either coming into, through or out of form. Everything is already here, ever present and never ending

2) Vibration- everything is energy in motion vibrating at its intended frequency, nothing is solid. Our dreams or desires are on a higher frequency which we must match through emotionally charged thoughts, ideas or beliefs. The Law of Vibration is primary to the secondary Law of Attraction.

3) Attraction- like attracts like, all things that coexist are vibrating in harmony on the same frequency, thus our mind must be in vibrational harmony at all times in order to perceive the course of action which will lead us physically to our chosen goals frequency. Hence, act as if it had already happened. Or live on the frequency of your desire now, in the mind, this planting the seed in the subconscious mind asking for the guidance to pursue and arrive at the desired outcome.

4) Cause and Effect- for every cause there is an equal effect, instead of living in the effect we must life as the cause of the effect we desire. Take action, feel and think only in the direction of our desired effect.

5) Polarity- the balance of the universe, everything has an equal positive and negative side. We as the observer dictate the polarity of our experiences. The experience is just an experience, we control the charge, the polarity, through our perception and choice of thought, feeling and action towards the event.

6) Rhythm- there is a rhythm which runs like a pendulum throughout the infinite universe, this rhythm is the Laws of Polarity (in motion), Vibration, Transmutation, Cause and Effect and Attraction on the path to our dreams and desires through the Law of Gender.

7) Gender or Gestation- the fact that every seed must go through a period of development or gestation period before it can manifest, time must pass where these seven Laws are focused on the frequency we wish to develop and grow onto before we can arrive. This is the Law which many individuals do not care to grasp in our society of instant gratification.

8) Relativity- We cannot understand how great or insignificant a thing, event, consequence or circumstance is without relating it to something else in comparison. And the reality is it can always be better or worse in an infinite Universe such as the one which we live. I hope this helps you my friend. -DMS

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