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Perception is the key to change.....

Dr. Wayne Dyer said it best when he said, "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." There is so much truth in this statement which we can use in our daily interaction with our environment. Our perceptions of the events, circumstances and people we encounter throughout our day are highly biased and based on our core beliefs of what we believe to be correct. At least until someone with influence helps guide us through seeing through a different lens.

Here's a story of a particular situation where one person who we will call Tom, had been going through a personal loss and was unable to express his feelings about what he was experiencing. It began to effect those around Tom in a negative way. Those who worked with Tom, were growing in frustration with his lack of concentration, slip ups and slower pace on the job. This had been growing worse over the last few months and finally it had grown to the point to where his coworkers began to complain to the supervisor.

Tom was a private type of person and never really shared any of his personal life experiences with anyone at work. Luckily for Tom, he had a strong leader as a supervisor and not an uncaring boss. His supervisor had also noticed the decline in his effectiveness in the job also and upon hearing the complaints growing about Tom's performance, he decided to talk with Tom.

Tom shared that his mother had been ill and hospitalized for the past six months and had recently passed away. He apologized for his lack of focus and said he needed to work to pay for the hospital bills and funeral expenses which weren't covered by the insurance company. After sharing this information with his supervisor he was informed of some programs the company provides to help out employees during times of financial stress and that he was able to take a paid leave of absence for up to two weeks. His supervisor then asked if he could share some of his situation with the rest of the team. Stating that he would like see if they would like to help out with his financial situation while he took some time off. To Tom's surprise and delight he said yes and that they deserve to know why he was not himself lately. He filed the paperwork for the financial aid and decided to go home after speaking with his supervisor.

Now the perception of the team was that Tom had been let go. He looked like he was emotional when he left and he didn't say anything to anybody in his way out. When the supervisor called everyone together the murmuring between the team had been about Tom being fired. When the supervisor overheard this he stated that he wanted to let everyone know that Tom will be back in a couple of weeks. He also told the team that he had lost a loved one and was in need of some financial support for the costs that had built up over the last few months.

Without any hesitation the team setup a donation pool for Tom and raised a few thousand dollars to help him during his time of need. The perception of Tom's declining performance at work made sense to everyone now, and Tom's perception of nobody caring was ill informed. You see e will never know the facts if nobody ever asks. We can be frustrated and even angry with someone, a stranger, coworker or even a loved one, because of our biased perception of a particular situation. But when an outside source of information is shared with us that can all change in the blink of an eye.

We also have this ability within ourselves, the ability to change our own perception of how things are working out for us when we are in a lower emotional vibration. We can change how we look at our circumstances, or even ask for another person's perspective on our situation. We must do our best not to get trapped in the negative polarity of any particular situation. Remember the Law of Polarity states everything has an equal opposite. In Tom's case the opposite pole of a misunderstood situation felt so much better than the assumed negative perception of all the parties involved.

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Thank you for your time sincerely, David M Stock.

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