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The Law of Perpetual Energy Transmutation

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed, it can only change forms. You see, Energy is either moving into, through or out of form; everything is either growing into form or disintegrating out of form.

Our thoughts are considered to be one of the highest forms of Energy. They are the beginning of the creative process, the source of our creative results. Everything that has been created began as a thought. If we were to observe any individual around us and watch how they present themselves to the world around them, we could easily be able to distinguish whether they're dominate thought processes is progressive in growth or regressive in disintegration.

One is happy, outgoing and optimistic and the other is sad, reclusive and pessimistic. What neither understands is that their exterior presentation of themselves is a direct reflection of their dominate thought processes. Their outer reflected appearance of what's going on inside, also reinforces their thoughts about themselves and their views on life because, their environment subconsciously reacts accordingly to these external cues and they are completely unaware of this. They simply state, "see I knew it".

The positive optimist attracts more people, events and circumstances that feed their optimism. The negative pessimist attracts more people, events and circumstances that feed their pessimism. Both are completely unaware that the thought Energy which they choose to dwell on, only feeds and develops more of what it is they are focusing on in their reactive environment.

We are co-creators of our experiences, we must become fully aware if this fact. So pay attention to your mood and the thoughts that feed that mood. Are you feeding the situation a solution in thoughts and ideas, or are you compounding the problem in thoughts and validation? Decide now that you will focus on solutions and stay away from focusing and confirming consistently that there is a problem.

It may be difficult at first, because our society is based on the victim poverty mindset of passing responsibility onto others, and our misguided programming or paradigm has us setup to think this way. But we do have the power and ability to select and choose our thoughts, thoughts which are fruitful and progressive or thoughts which are poison and regressive. This is where we are responsible for our experiences, especially through our perception of our experiences.

From here on out begin to ask yourself, is what I am thinking at this moment conducive to how I wish to feel and what I'd like to experience in this moment? This is where you decide to take your "RESPONSE ABILITY" back and claim control of your life experiences. Thank you for your time. Click the link below for a preview into the Thinking Into Results Program and/or the New Lead the Field Program. -DMS

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