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The Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity states that everything has an equal and relational opposite to itself. Meaning nothing can exist without its equal opposite also existing. Left and right, up and down, in and out, life and death, good and bad, and so forth.

What most of us are unaware of, is that we can use this naturally occurring law to our advantage. We're unaware, because we've never been taught how to use this law to its fullest capability. Sure we're aware of it and may even know about its function in mathematics and science. However we've most likely never thought about applying it in our own experiences.

We as humans have been gifted with higher faculties of conscious mind function. One of them being our perception. Our perception is subjugated to this and all the Universal Laws in operation. Hence the term UNIVERSAL. We have the conscious ability look for the reverse polarity of any and all perceived events, circumstances and experiences that occur in our lives. The optimist versus the pessimist, neither is wrong and both are correct. However, neither may be consciously aware that both views exist simultaneously, they would rather argue about it.

Those who have or develop a growth mindset usually fits in the optimists point of view, and those who have or develop the victim mindset usually fit in the pessimists point of view. Both points of view are occurring simultaneously, and we have the ability to choose which point of view we wish to experience, we have the free will to do so.

For any of us who want to pursue our dreams and goals for a better brighter future, we must choose the optimistic point of view in all situations, experiences and circumstances. This continues the growth and positively reinforces our vibrational progressive beliefs, behavior and emotional attachment to our vision of the future that we are pursuing. If we slide back into a pessimists point of view, we will destroy, even kill our vibrational progressive belief, behavior and emotional attachment to vision we've been building of our desired future.

Always remember when you perceive a negative event, circumstance or event that there is an equally opposite positive point of view to the occurrence. Do not dwell on the negative, even if you can't find the positive at the moment. See it as a guide to something better than you may have imagined or even planned. Negative experiences must by perceived as detours, learning experiences and external guidance towards the highest good that we are striving for. Not as road blocks, the end or a sign to quit. Never quit!

Sometimes we won't see the positive of the incidence for quite sometime. But eventually we see that what we once saw as the worst event that we ever encountered, actually ended up leading us to the best possible outcome that we could've imagined. This is where the optimists faith, trumps the pessimists realism, through the Law of Attraction. The optimists growth mindset continues moving forward in a positive vibration regardless of the setback, and the pessimists focus on the negative results keeps fueling the self-defeating prophesy through the Law of Attraction by holding steady in a negative vibration.

Remember in a previous article that our e-motions are our conscious realization of the vibration we are emitting. Do your best to lose the pessimists attitude and move forward through negative experiences. If you are unable to perceive the positive of an event, circumstance or experience, know full well that the Law of Polarity will right the course in the future. Stay optimistic, you will be tested on your journey, continue moving and fighting your way towards your dream and goals. Thank you for your time. -DMS

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