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The Law of Vibration

The Law of Attraction has been overstated, over exaggerated and scrutinized over the last decade since, The Secret has gone viral. We hear about it here and there, and the information on it should be taken with a grain of salt. As a practitioner of the Law, why would I write such a statement?

Well, because there is a plethora of information out there; books, blogs, coaches and mentors alike, all teaching about "one" of the many Natural Universal Laws. Worst of all is that the Law of Attraction is a secondary law. It's secondary to the primary Law of Vibration, because without vibration and frequency, there can be no attraction or magnetism.

The Law of Vibration states everything is in motion, nothing is at rest. All matter is vibrating at different rates or levels of vibrational frequency. It may appear solid, but at the microscopic level, it's all moving in oscillation. As Bob Proctor says, "We live in an ocean of motion". We as living thinking conscious beings are also emitting a vibrational frequency. We have been given a unique gift we call feelings or e-motions. Unique, because these feelings or emotions are our conscious ability to measure our vibrational frequency level. How do we do this you may ask?

You see if we're in a mood of feeling good, happy and blissful, we are aware that we are in a high rate of vibrational frequency, and if we're in a bad, unhappy or angry mood, we must become aware that we are in a lower rate of vibrational frequency. Why should this higher or lower rate of frequency matter you may ask? Or what does this have to do with the Universal Law of Attraction? Everything. It has everything to do with the Universal Law of Attraction. Like vibrational frequency attracts like vibrational frequency, this is what makes the Law of Vibration the primary law.

You see, you can ask, believe and expect to receive until you lose your sanity. But if you're emotions are not in alignment with what you're asking for, it will cease and never manifest in your experience. Asking for a better feeling experience while in a negative or restrictive e-motion (energy in motion) or mood, will only attract to you more of the same feeling emotions and not the thought or ideal you hope to manifest. This can be observed when we perceive the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer. Or the happy and blissful receiving more to be happy and blissful for, and the unhappy and miserable receiving more to be unhappy miserable for.

If your thinking about investing in a class, seminar, coach, or mentor and if they suggest the Law of Attraction as part of their curriculum, ask about their knowledge of the Law of Vibration. Their answer will help you in deciding whether or not to invest your money with them or not.

If there is little or no knowledge or understanding about the Law of Vibration, save your money. We must understand vibrational frequency and how to measure this vibrational frequency before we're able to attract with intention that which we want and desire into our lives. Be sure to become aware of your vibrational frequency before you doubt what is being attracted into your experience. These laws are just and always at work, so what we are experiencing in our effective results is directly related to our conscious or unconscious cause or causes. Study as many of the laws as you must before you give up on understanding the law and how it pertains to this physical life experience and the human condition that comes with it, sincerely. -DMS

Thank you for your time.

Prosperity and Me; Understanding Our Blueprint Books I & II releasing soon.

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