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Commit to your decisions

The one thing that separates the happy and successful individuals from the miserable and complacent individuals is their ability to make a committed decision. The successful make their decisions quickly, they commit to them and rarely if at all change them. While the miserable and complacent individuals can't decide what they want for dinner or where to go for lunch, the successful individuals build their vision of what they have decided their future will be, and they fortify that vision often by consistently revisiting it and adding to it. The complacent individuals are the ones who look at the successful individuals as "lucky". What they fail to see is the persistent action, practice, commitment, dedication, work and collaboration that the successful individuals put into their decisions and the vision that they have .

When the complacent individuals see success as "luck" or being in the right place at the right time, what they miss is the preparation that goes into the building of the awareness to recognize that an opportunity they have been preparing for has arrived. What almost always goes unnoticed, is the practice and development of building talents and abilities into specialized skills in order to become prepared for the opportunity when it arrives. You see, the committed decision to do, create, achieve and become a better person by creating a good or service that adds value to society is what divides the successful individuals from the complacent individuals.

The successful individuals are driven by a desire or a calling that they can no longer ignore. Their authentic selves are screaming for growth, expression and expansion. They answer to themselves through discipline, belief and positive e-motion, otherwise known as faith. Faith in self and the vision which has been built in their mind, whether by their choice or not. They understand that as long as they continue to move forward in faith, persistence, inspired actions and following their vision, the bridge of perseverance will be built with these resources and guide them across the gap between where they are now, to where they want to be in the future.

This is Law and not luck, success is a mindset where preparation meets opportunity. Keep your course, focus and clearly define your vision and the path will unfold before you like magic. Let them call you lucky. -DMS

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