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The Law of Rhythm

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

The Law of Rhythm simply put, is the Law of Polarity in motion. There can be no rhythm without polarity. These Laws are so basic, it's amazing that we rarely give them any conscious thought. The Law of Rhythm is the motion of opposites, everything moves like a pendulum. The ocean tides have a rhythm, the seasons change in rhythm, what goes up just come down, every night has a day, there is a rhythmic cycle to the physical life experience. There must be contrast, we cannot appreciate the good without experiencing the bad.

When applying the Law of Rhythm in the art of goal creation we must understand that, as Tupac said, "every dark night has a bright day that will follow". There are equal opportunities in failure, in regards to the size of the failure, and it's only a matter of time for the opportunity to present itself. As sure as the night follows the day, your opportunity is sure to come. Look back on your life, I guarantee that you will find the rhythmic pattern in your experience, and that you have been justly rewarded for any setbacks that you may have encountered on your journey.

We must remember this rhythm of nature when we encounter these setbacks or obstacles, and know that better days any achievements are sure to come. Just as sure as night follows the day our dreams are on the horizon and will follow the struggles that we may encounter along the way. Thank you -DMS

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