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Meant for more?

There comes a point in life experience where we begin to question what it is that we are doing. Why are we doing what it is that we are doing? Is there more to this life experience than what we are being sold, I mean told? What is this emptiness that we feel inside? We've done everything we were supposed to do, yet we feel unfulfilled. We go through our routine, we have a decent or not so decent job which pays the bills. Essentially we have done most everything we were supposed to do, yet something is missing. If you feel this way, you like myself are meant for more, we are being called to a higher purpose.

There's something inside of you that is desiring more. More meaning, more growth and more expression than the complacent life that we've been led to believe we should lead. A desire for individual expression of our authentic-selves. You see we as human beings are meant for expansion, growth and authentic expression. We are not supposed to fit in a box of complacent conformity. As living breathing Spiritual Beings, we are meant to explore the boundaries of our socially imposed limitations, searching for meaning and purpose for our experiences in our own unique way. This is why we begin to ask questions about ourselves and the feelings we feel deep inside.

Try not to avoid these feelings, instead explore yourself and look inside for what you love. There are unique abilities, hobbies, skills or talents that you have and should explore and develop. What do you enjoy doing? What is that truly motivates you and gives you a sense of passion and contribution when you do it? When you feel stuck, anxious or depressed, what is it that you wish you could be doing instead? Answer these questions and follow these answers, they are the breadcrumbs leading you to a purpose driven life. Do it in silence, do it without permission. As long as you're not infringing on the rights or safety of others, move towards these answers and discover a path to your truth, understanding and freedom from the complacent life you wish to escape from. Conformity has made us slaves to an invisible force that doesn't exist, free yourself. What is it that you wish you could do with your unique gifts, abilities, talents and skills? Use them to contribute and provide value, the world is waiting for you.

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