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We're connected

Everything we use in our daily life began in someone's mind as an idea. Everything we use in our daily lives have been created, assembled, delivered, sold, resold, restored, used, serviced and passed on to us by thousands if not millions of different people. People from different backgrounds, religions, ethnicities/races, political affiliation and/or sexual orientations have made it possible so you can enjoy the convenience of this life......

But by all means separate yourself from everybody else with your simple minded thought processes that the group you disagree with hasn't had a hand in giving you the convenient lifestyle that you have come to know. Keep watching the tv and allowing it to feed you the illusion that you we're are separate from everybody else and your views should dominate anothers. We are connected in many ways, please open your mind and think about that for a moment. Especially while you judge another and feel you are better than them.

If it promotes the division of the people, it's a lie. -DMS

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